For Developers

Use the technologies you already know

Benefit from the stability, maturity and security of the Liferay Portal and its frameworks.

On the server­side, Catalyst allows you to use Java or Groovy as your programming language. From the server­side you have full access to the Liferay Java API.

Client­side Catalyst can be extended using Javascript with any AngularJS directives.

From the client­side you have full access to the Liferay REST API.

Get things done faster

Forget about deploying and redeploying your project war file after every change. Catalyst gives you instant gratification.

Just save your changes and reload your browser page to see immediately what you created. Connect to SOAP and REST web services without writing any code. Create forms with complex layouts in minutes.

Configure simple business processes using the forms you created.

Deliver high quality applications

Being a component based tool, Catalyst allows you to build applications with considerably fewer defects than custom development.

Catalyst has a smooth learning curve. Start being productive after a few hours of using it.

For Business

Save up to 80% in costs

With Catalyst, your team will create applications up to five times faster than with traditional Liferay development.

Developers can focus on business value while Catalyst takes care of the tedious and repetitive work. You don’t need a development team to maintain your Catalyst applications. Modify your applications without writing code. You are always in control.

Faster time to market

In the CatalystCloud, you get a Liferay Portal with Catalyst installed in minutes. Developers will not spend time setting up their environment. Prototype minimum viable product (MVP) in hours and start working on your product market fit. With the power of Catalyst, your portals and applications will go live in record time.

Smooth learning curve

Catalyst reduces the need to write code the to minimum possible. You don’t even need to be a programmer to start creating Catalyst applications.

After a few hours working with Catalyst, your team will be capable of building fully functional applications. Catalyst is the fastest way to build applications on top of the Liferay Portal.


  • Use MongoDB to store data.
  • Use a SOAP web services backend.
  • Use a REST web services backend.
  • Import/Export applications to and from other servers.
  • Local data indexed for search.
  • Publish operations as REST web services.
  • Configurable log level.
  • JMX monitoring ready.
  • Granular permissions setting.
  • Form designer with support for multipart forms.
  • Customisable widgets for forms.
  • Table/Report designer.
  • Create custom views from the browser.
  • Document generation.
  • Preview of forms and tables.
  • Write custom business logic with interceptor events.
  • Define workflows and include your forms.