The best way to discover the power of Catalyst is through our official trainings.

Catalyst Fundamentals

  • Learn the basics of Catalyst and start building your own applications.
  • Create forms and tables.
  • Get started with document generation.
  • Create SOAP and REST based data definitions.
  • Create a workflow application.

Catalyst for developers

  • Learn how to extend Catalyst by creating your own widgets and custom views.
  • Apply transformations to SOAP web services responses to make the Catalyst ready.
  • Use Catalyst data models from other Liferay portlets.


From proofs of concept and custom widgets to the development of a complete portal solution, our team of engineers is available to you.

A PoC can help you visualise the power of Catalyst and see how our rapid development approach allows you to adapt to changing business requirements.

We can also review the applications you create to ensure that they follow the best practices defined for Catalyst.


Have the Catalyst experts available when you need them.

Wonder what’s the best approach to solving your problem with Catalyst?

Are you having trouble integrating a Web Service?

Need a custom widget for your application?