The fastest way to Implement
Liferay Portals and Intranets

What is the Catalyst Stack?

Catalyst is a suite of portlets that simplifies and accelerates the creation of web applications on top of the Liferay Portal.

Catalyst’s main objective is to speed up the implementation of business solutions.

Developing directly from your web browser Catalyst allows you to reduce drastically your development time and increase the quality of your web applications.

With Catalyst's automated generation WS clients, your portal becomes a real integration platform.

How does it work?

Catalyst gives you the tools to define your application from Liferay’s Control Panel.

  • Design forms and tables.
  • Create custom user interfaces.
  • Upload templates to generate documents complying with your corporate identity.

Catalyst provides a vast set of out of the box UI widgets and allows programmers to develop their own when needed.

Without writing any code, you can interact with web services and MongoDB databases.

With Catalyst’s inline code editors, programmers can further customise their applications behaviour directly from the web.

Use your application's building blocks in the pages of your Liferay site and deliver impressive functionality faster than ever before.

How do I get Catalyst?

The easiest, fastest and more cost efficient way to get Catalyst is in the CatalystCloud. You don’t have to worry about installation, configuration, performance tuning or security. We take care of updates and upgrades for you. With the CatalystCloud, you focus on your business, and we take care of the rest.

For those organisations that own their infrastructure, we offer on­-premises managed Catalyst solutions.