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Catalyst Installation Instructions


  • Liferay 6.2 GA2+ or 6.2.10
  • MongoDB 3.2
  • Open Office or Libre Office

Installation steps:

  • Download Catalyst latest version
  • Deploy the Catalyst war file by copying it to Liferay’s deploy directory or using the App Manager
  • Verify that Catalyst was successfully installed by checking its presence in the App Manager

Create a MongoDB user:

From a terminal type mongo. When you see the mongo prompt type the following commands:

  • mongo > use dbportal
  • mongo > db.createUser({user:"catalystMongo",pwd:"secret", roles: ["readWrite"]})

Catalyst Configuration:

  • The only configuration that Catalyst needs is the connection to MongoDB.
  • In Liferay’s Control Panel Configuration section click on Catalyst Configuration Portlet.
  • If your MongoDB is installed in the same server as Catalyst use If it is installed in a different server use the domain name or IP address of the server.
  • By default MongoDB listens on port 27017. Unless you have changed the default port use 27017.
  • If you created the MongoDB user by following the steps described above, use ‘catalystMongo’ as user and ‘secret’ as password.
  • Press ‘Test database connection’ to verify the connection.
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